Movies Similar to Dune: Top Alternatives

Dune is a famous American science fiction movie that was released in 2021. This Movie was directed and produced by the famous man Denis Villeneuve. It was very successful at the box office, earning approximately $407 million with only $165 million budget.

In this article, I will also discuss movies similar to Dune. The story of this Movie is based on the emotional and mythic journey of the hero. This Movie relies on the story of a character named Paul, a man with high qualities who was born into a large destiny. 

Paul Atreides must have to travel for the most dangerous places in the universe in this movie. Because he wants to secure the future of his family and people, only those who can overcome their fear will survive as evil forces flare into combat over the planet’s sole supply of the most valuable resource in existence. This substance has the power to unleash humanity’s greatest potential.

20 Movies Similar To Dune (2021)

Dune movie is the best science fiction movie for entertainment. However, some movies may be similar to Dune because they have the same stories and a lot of similarities. I would like to discuss some of the alternatives for Dune, which can be the same as Dune.

Dune (2024)

It is the best alternative to Dune, which was released in 2021 worldwide. This is, in fact, the second part of Dune. In this Movie, I have found a lot of similarities that can attract this movie’s fans. The story goes forward to the next level. In Dune, Paul Atreides has compromised with Chani and the freemen to take revenge against the forces who killed his family. 

He has two choices in this Movie: one is his love of life, and the second is the future of the universe. He must have secured a terrible future. The Dune movie is full of thrills and entertainment that make you feel like you are part of the Movie. It had a lot of success and became the highest-grossing Movie of 2024 at the box office worldwide, with an earning of approximately $700 million.

Dune (2024)

DirectorDenis Villeneuve
ProducerMary parent, Cole, Denis Villeneuve, Taniya 
Released inFebruary 6, 2024
Running time166 Minutes
Budget$190 Million
Box office$711.8 million

Arrival (2016)

Arrival 2016 is amongst those movies similar to Dune. It can be the best alternative to the Dune movie, which is also based on a science fiction released in 2016. This Movie is directed by Denis Villeneuve. This Movie also had huge success, earning nearly $203 million worldwide. It was also considered one of the best films of 2016. 

These movies have received eight nominations at the 89th Academy Awards, including Best Director, Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Sound Editing, and Best Cinematography. In this Movie, Linguistics professor Louise Banks manages the investigating team when gigantic spaceships land at twelve locations worldwide. 

This situation could turn into a global war, so they would have to communicate with extraterrestrial visitors. She takes a chance to communicate with them, which is threatening to her life. This Movie contains very thrilling and entertaining scenes that can capture anyone’s attention from the audience.

Arrival (2016)

DirectorDenis Villeneuve
ProducerShawn Levy, Dan Levine, Aaron Ryder, David Linde
Running time116 Minutes
Budget$47 Million
Box Office$203.4 Million
CountryUnited States
ReleaseSeptember 1, 2016

The Martian (2015)

The Martian is another science fiction movie that can be similar to Dune. This Movie was released in 2015 and directed by Ridley Scott. The Movie’s budget was almost $108 million. It had a lot of success and was in the best position at the box office, with 630.6 million. 

In this Movie, during the mission on Mars, astronaut Mark Watney is considered dead by the crew and leaves her alone. But she was not dead when he woke up and found himself alone on the planet. Now, he is so confused and is finding a way to send signals to Earth. 

Watney wants to tell them he is alive on the planet. At last, he found some ways to send the signal and tell them about his survival. To listen to this news, a lot of scientists and the NASA team worked together to bring him back home.

The Martian (2015)

DirectorRidley Scott
ProducerSimon, Ridley Scott, Michael Schaefer, Mark Huffam
Running time142 minutes
Budget$142 Million
Box office$630.6 Million
CountryUnited Kingdom

Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar is an epic science fiction movie that was released in 2014. This Movie was directed by Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan. The film story is based on a group of astronauts who are making the journey to a wormhole near Satum to search for a home for mankind. This is a place that no one has ever visited before. 

That is the planet where humans can survive like an earth. Interstellar contains the best entertainment for movie lovers. This Movie was very successful because of its story and graphics. The budget of this Movie was $ 165 million, and it earned approximately $733.2 million.

Interstellar (2014)

DirectorChristopher Nolan
ProducerEmma Thomas, Christopher Nolan, Lynda Obst
Release dateOctober 26, 2014
Running time169 Minutes
CountryUnited States, United Kingdom
Written byJonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan

Ad Astra (2019)

Ad Astra is a famous physiological science fiction film that was produced, co-written, and directed by James Grey. This Movie stars Brad Pitt and many other superstars. In this story, astronaut Roy McBride is a character who is making the journey to the solar system to expose his missing Father, the mystery that is a threat to our planet. 

In his journey, he exposes various mysteries related to human nature. This Movie also performed well at the box office, collecting approximately $135.4 million with a budget of $80 to 100 million.

Ad Astra (2019)

DirectorJames Gray
WriterJames, Ethan Gross
ProducerBrad Pitt, Jeatagas, and others
Release dateAugust 29, 2019
Running time124 minutes
Budget$80 to 100 million
Box Office$135.4 Million

Stargate (1994)

Stargate is a well-known adventure and science fiction movie that was released in 1994. This Movie was written and directed by Roland Emmerich. In this Movie, the expedition discovered peculiar contraptions in Egypt in 1928. 

In the present, an enigmatic woman invites Dr. Daniel Jackson, an outcast linguist, to decade an old hieroglyph in a military facility. He quickly discovers that the technology was created by a highly sophisticated culture and that it opens a doorway for interplanetary teleportation. 

Colonel Jonathan “Jack” or Neil invites Dr.Jackson to a military team that will investigate a new world. They discover a place that is similar to Egypt, where people live in primitive society and worship Ra, the sun GOD. However, they quickly learn the mystery of the” stargate.”

Stargate (1994)

DirectorRoland Emerich
producerJoel b. Michael, Dean Devlin, Oliver
WrittenDean devlin, Roland Emerich
Release dateOctober 28, 1994
Running time121 Minutes
Budget$55 Million
Box office$196.6 Million

Annihilation (2018)

Annihilation (2018) is an American science fiction horror-based Movie that was released in 2018. It was directed by the famous man Alex Garland. This story is based on some scientists who entered the Mysterious quarantine area of dangerous plants and animals that were caused by aliens. The acts of this scientist were so horrible and full of suspense for the viewers.

A biologist and former soldier, Lena embarks on a quest to learn more about her husband’s fate inside Area X. This enigmatic and terrifying phenomenon is spreading across the American shoreline. Once inside, the expedition finds themselves in a world of deformed creatures and landscapes that are as beautiful as they are terrifying and pose a threat to their sanity and lives. 

This Movie was not successful at the box office and earned only 43.1 million from a budget of $40 to 55 million. It was a big loss for the producer of this movie.

Annihilation (2018)

DirectorAlex Garland
producerScot Rudin, Andrew Macdonald, Allon Reich, Eli Bush
Release dateFebruary 13, 2018
Running time115 Minutes
countryUnited Kingdom, United States
budget$40 to 55 million
Box office$43 million

Avatar (2009)

Avatar is one of the best science fiction movies, and it made a big record at the box office after Titanic. This Movie was produced and edited by famous personality James Cameron. The cast includes Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana. Actually, it takes approximately 15 years to complete. James Cameron started this project in 1994 before the release of Titanic. 

He decided to release this Movie in 1999, but according to Cameron, due to a shortage of technology, he could not work on Avatar. However, he became successful in creating this Movie in 2009. It is one of the most amazing Movies in history, grossing almost $2.923 billion with a budget of only $237million

Avatar (2009)

DirectorJames Cameron
WriterJames Cameron
Produced byJames Cameron, Jon Landau
StarringSam Worthington, Zoe Saldana
Release dateDecember 10, 2009
Running Time162 minutes
Budget$237 Million
Box office$2.923 billion

Oblivion (2013)

Oblivion (2013) is a well-known American action-adventure movie that was released in 2013. This Movie was produced and directed by Joseph Kosinski and starred Tom Cruise. In this movie story, Tom Cruise’s character, Jack Harper, works as a security repairman in 2077 on a devasted and deserted Earth following an extraterrestrial conflict. 

Jack’s mission finishes in two weeks, after which he will join other survivors on a distant colony. But when Jack saves Olga Kurylenko, a stunning stranger, from a downed spacecraft, his whole perception of reality is turned upside down. Then, the woman’s arrival sets off a series of events that lead to Jack fighting to defend humanity almost by himself.

Oblivion (2013)

DirectorJoseph Kosinski
ProducerPeter Chernin, Dylan Clark, Duncan Henderson, Joseph Kosinski, Barry Levine
StarringTom Cruise, Morgan Freeman
Release dateMarch 26, 2013
Running time124 Minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$120 million
Box Office$287.9 million

Serenity (2005)

Serenity is one of the best space movies that was released in 2005. It is directed and written by Joss Whedon. The film stars Nathan Filion, Adam Baldwin, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Summer Glau. This picture was released in North America. In this story, the crew of Serenity is a firefly-class spaceship. 

Having fought on the losing independent side against the alliance during the unification war, the captain and first mate are veterans of the conflict. A psychic passenger with a frightening secret interrupts their lives of cargo runs and smuggling. 

The film’s running time is almost 119 minutes. This Movie was not a huge success. It collects only $40.4 million from the budget of $39 million.

Serenity (2005)

DirectorJoss Whedon
WriterJoss Whedon
ProducerBerry Mendel
StarringNathan Fillion, Allan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau
Release dateAugust 22, 2005
CountryUnited States
Budget$39 Million
Box Office$40.4 Million

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Edge of Tomorrow is an American science fiction movie that was released in 2014. This Movie was directed by Doug Limon, and the writer’s name is Christopher McQuarrie. This Movie stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. The Movie is based on a future in which most of Europe is occupied by aliens. In this Movie, Tom Cruise plays the character of Major William Cage. 

Who is a public relations officer and has combat experience. His superior forces him to join an operation against aliens. When Earth got attacked by aliens to destroy it. There is no military to beat them, and then Maj William Cage, an officer who has never experienced combat, is sent to this mission. 

When he goes for the mission, he feels like he is thrown in the time loop. Where he had brutal fights and felt dead again and again; this fight improved his skills to beat the aliens. This Movie collects a heavy profit from this Movie around $370.5 million. The Movie’s budget was almost $178 million. 

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

DirectorDoug Limon
ProducerErwin Stoff, Tom Lassally, Jeff Silvery, Jason Hoffs
StarringTom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, Brendon Gleeson
Running time113 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$370.5 million

After Earth (2013)

After Earth (2013) is a well-known American action movie that was released in 2013. It was produced and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. This Movie was based on a true story idea from Will Smith. This platform collects a huge amount of 243.8 million from a budget of $130 million. This Movie is full of entertainment that would consume 100 minutes to end. 

The famous actor Will Smith is starring. According to the movie story, the people insisted on leaving the Earth and built a new home on Nova Prime. In this Movie, the character Cypher Raige is the head of a very famous family. But his son, named Katai, feels so much confusion or pressure to act upon his Father’s instructions. 

That creates obstacles in their relationship. They decided to set out on the trip to resolve the issues between them. Unfortunately, their craft crashed on Earth. In this situation, they have to trust and compromise with one another. 

After Earth (2013)

DirectorM. Night Shyamalan
StarringJaden Smith, Will Smith
Release dateMarch 1, 2013
Running time100 minutes
CountryUnited States
budget$130 million
Box office$243.8 million

Ender’s Game (2013)

Ender’s Game is an American military science fiction movie that was released in 2013. It is written and directed by Gavin Hood. In this movie story, humans are prepared to attack an alien’s home world for revenge. Before, aliens have killed millions of humans with their attacks. In this situation, the character named Ender Wiggin performs the role of defender of humanity. 

He separated from his sisters and brother and joined the battle school in Orbit. Where he learns how to fight and defend his Earth and family, but this movie cannot perform well at the box office, collecting only 125.5 million from a budget of $110-125.

Ender's Game (2013)

DirectorGavin Hood
Screenplay byGavin Hood
ProducerGigi Pritzker, Linda McDonough, Alex kurtzman
ReleasedOctober 24, 2013
Running time114 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$110-115 Million
Box Office$125.5 Million

Moonfall (2022)

Moonfall is one of the best science fiction disaster movies that was released in 2022. This Movie was directed & produced by famous personality Roland Emmerich and was released in North America. In this movie story, when an unexplained force knocks the moon out of its Orbit and sends it racing toward Earth, the world is on the verge of destruction. 

Jacinda “Jo” Fowler, a NASA official, teamed up with a man from her past and a conspiracy theorist for an improbable expedition into Orbit to save humanity with only weeks before impact. But this Movie could not be successful at the Box Office With a budget of $138 to 146 million. The Moon Fall has collected only $67.3million.

Moonfall (2022)

DirectorRolland Emmerich
WriterRoland Emmerich, spencer cohen, Haraid kloser
Running time130 minutes
CountriesUnited States, Canada, United Kingdom, China
Box office$67.3 million
Budget$138-146 million

Space Sweepers (2021)

Space Sweepers is one of the best South Korean space western Movies that was released in 2021. This Movie was directed by Jo Sung-he. This Movie starred Song Joong-Ki, Kim Tae-ri, you Hae-jin, and Jin Seon-kyu. The main thing about this movie is that it was directly released on Netflix. The budget for this Movie was approximately $21.2 million. 

In this movie story, the spaceship crew members have snatched a crashed space shuttle in the latest debris chase. The Victory’s group has found 7 7-year-old girls inside the shuttle. They feel like she is just the human-like reboot sent by UTS Space Guards. The group decided to demand a bribe in exchange. 

Space Sweepers (2021)

DirectorJo sung-hee
WriterYoon Seung
StarringKim Tae-ri
Running time136 minutes
Release dateFebruary 5, 2021
LanguageKorean, English
Budget$21.2 Million

The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave is an American science fiction action movie that was released in 2016. This Movie is directed by J. Blakeson and stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Maggie Siff, Maria Bello, maika Monroe, and Alex Roe. This Movie was released in the United States by Sony Pictures. In this movie story, the world has been attacked by aliens that caused earthquakes, disease, and tsunamis. 

A little girl named Cassie Sullivan separated from her family in this incident. She has to reunite with her brother, Sam. This girl was so lucky that he found a mysterious man named Evan Walker. They both have to trust each other for survival. This Movie was a big success at the box office, and it collected almost $109.9 million against a budget of $38 to 54 million.

The 5th Wave

DirectorJ Blakeson
Starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Nick Robinso, Maggie Siff, Maria Bello, Maika Monroe
Distributed bySony picture Releasing
Running time112 minutes
Language English
Country United States
Budget$38 to 54 Million
Box office$109.9 Million

Battlefield Earth (2000)

Battlefield Earth is one of the best American science fiction movies that was released in 2000. This Movie was directed by Barry Pepper, John Travolta, Roger Christian, and Forest Whitaker. In this movie story, the Psychlos are cunning and seek the greatest financial proceeds in the year 3000, and they are unbeatable by humanity. 

The Psychlos, led by the imposing and powerful Terl, are using up Earth’s resources and enslaving what is left of humanity. Humanity’s few remaining members have regressed to a primitive mindset, seeing technology as evil and intruders as sinister beings.

A young man named Tyler resolves to leave his lonely home in the Rocky Mountains in search of the truth without humanity having all but given up on overly escaping extraterrestrial rule. Once he does, he is kidnapped and sold into slavery. 

At that moment, he makes the visualization to fight back. This Movie was not successful at the box office, and it had a collection of only $ 29.7 million. The budget for this Movie was approximately $73 million.

Battlefield Earth (2000)

DirectorRoger Christian
ProducerJonathan, John Travolta, Elie Samaha
Distributed byWarner Bros, pictures
Running time117 minutes
Release inMay 10, 2000
CountryUnited States
Budget$73 million
Box office$29.7 million

Independence Day (1996)

Independence Day is an American science fiction movie that was released in 1996. This Movie was directed by Roland Emmerich and starred Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell, and Robert Loggia. In this movie story, the aliens want to destroy the world to use their superior technology. On the other hand, the humans try to escape them with different weapons. 

The strange atmospheric interference sent communication systems worldwide into chaos. After communicating with the aliens, the ex-scientist discovers that the aliens are going to attack the main points of the world in one day. On July 3, the aliens destroyed major areas like Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Huston, Moscow, and London. 

The survivors plan to fight back against the aliens, and in this way, July 4 becomes the day of humanity. This Movie had a lot of success at the box office and collected almost $817.4 million with only $75 budget.

Independence Day (1996)

DirectorRoland Emmerich
ProducerDean Devlin
WriterRoland emmerich, and dean devlin
StarringWill Smith, Mary McDonnell, Bill Pullman, Judd Hirsch, Randy Quaid
ReleasedJuly 3, 1996
Running 145 min
CountryUnited States
Budget$75 million
Box office$817.4 million

Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Jupiter Ascending is an American space opera that was released in 2015. It is directed and produced by Wachowski. This Movie starred Channing Tatum, Sean Bean, and Mila Kunis. According to the resources, these movies were centered on Jupiter Jones. Jupiter Ascending was produced by Grant Hill & Wachowskis and released in the United States. 

In this Movie, the main character, Jupiter Jones, is born under the signs that can predict the greatness of the future. But in reality, as a woman, she cleans people’s houses. Caine is another character who comes to Earth to search for Jupiter’s great destiny. This Movie was not so successful at the box office, collecting only $184 million with a budget of $176 to 210 million.

Jupiter Ascending (2015)

DirectorThe Wachowskis
ProducerGrant Hill, The Wachowskis
WriterThe Wachowskis
StarringChanning Tatum, Mila Kunis, Sean Bean, Douglas Booth
Release dateJune 7, 2015
Running time127 minutes
Box office$184 million
Budget$176 to 210 million

The Last Starfighter (1984)

The Last Starfighter is a space opera movie that was released in 1984. This Movie was directed by nick caste and starred different stars such as Robert Preston, Norman Snow, and Dan O Herlihy. In the movie story, every teenager, Alex Rogan, meets Centauri, the game creator, after finally beating the high score on Starfighter as a training ground for the arcade game. 

Centauri reveals that he designed Starfighter as a training ground for developing and recruiting real pilots to help fight a war in space. Alex finds it difficult to apply his video game abilities to pilot a real ship when real lives are at risk after being whisked away from the dullness of his trailer park life to the far-off alien world. 

The Movie was successful at the box office, collecting $29 million. The budget for this Movie was approximately $15 million.

The Last Starfighter (1984)

DirectorNick castle
ProducerGary, Edward O
Budget$15 million
Box office$29 million
CountryUnited States
DistributedUniversal Picture

Dune (2021) Cast

  • Timothee chalamet
  • Rebecca Ferguson
  • Zendaya
  • Oscar Issac
  • Jason Mamoa
  • Stellan Skarsgard
  • Javier Bardem
  • Josh Brolin

About Dune (2021)

In 2021, the well-known American science fiction picture Dune made its premiere. This Movie was created and directed by the renowned Denis Villeneuve. Despite having a meager $165 million budget, the Movie made an astounding $407 million at the box office. The story of this Movie is about the legendary and dramatic journey of a hero. 

Paul Atreides, a man of exceptional character who was born into a lofty destiny, is at the center of this Movie’s plot. He must travel to the planet that is deadliest in the universe in this Movie because he wants to safeguard the destiny of his family and their people. 

Only those who can overcome their fear will survive when evil powers unleash their wrath over the planet’s resources. 

Dune (2021)

Box office performance

Dune movie box office position is not hidden from anyone. It is one of the best movies, and it has been breaking many records worldwide. This Movie contains the best entertainment for movie enthusiasts around the world.

Dune is considered the best Movie this year, and it has gathered many viewers worldwide. This Movie has reached $700 million at the box office with a budget of only $ 190 million.


The well-known American science fiction film Dune debuted in 2021. The well-known Denis Villeneuve produced and directed this film. The film achieved remarkable success at the box office, grossing almost $407 million despite a mere $165 million budget.

This film’s narrative revolves around a hero’s mythical and emotional journey. The plot of this film centers on Paul Atreides, a man of great character who was born into a grand destiny. In this film, he has to journey to the universe’s most deadly planet.

Since he wishes to protect his family’s and their people’s futures, when wicked forces unleash their fury over the planet’s resources, only those who can conquer their fear will live. In this article, I have also discussed some movies similar to Dune, which can also be a good source of entertainment.

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