Games Similar to It Takes Two: Activities for Co-Operative Fun

Games similar to It Takes Two draw players by providing some captivating qualities such as action adventure, multiplayer gaming, and riddles. In this blog post, you can find ten games comparable to It Takes Two. This site will give you a stream link for every game to capture your attention.

10 Similar Games To It Takes Two

Ten  games similar to It Takes Two are A Way Out, Portal 2, Rayman Legends, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Cuphead, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Moving Out, Overcooked! All You Can Eat, Human: Fall Flat, Unravel Two, etc.

A Way Out

A Way Out

Electronic Arts released the team-based action-adventure video game A Way Out, created by Hazelight Studios. This implies that the game may only be played with another person online or locally when their screens are positioned next to each other because it was made especially for split-screen interactive multiplayer.

It takes two players to complete the experience of A Way Out. Leo and Vincent, two significant characters, form a conflicting partnership to escape prison and win their freedom. Each player plays one of these characters. Use the colleagues pass free trial option to play the complete adventure with your fellow players for free.

The tale takes about six hours to finish from beginning to end. However, there are small minigames and activities to perform on numerous missions. Playing baseball or arm wrestling are tiny diversions that let you interact with your cooperative companion and even compete.

NameA Way Out
DeveloperHazelight Studios
GenreAction adventure
Release Date23rd Mar, 2018

Portal 2

Portal 2

The 2011 puzzle-platform title Portal 2 was created by Valve for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.

Through the placement of portals and teleportation between them, players solve puzzles. In Portal 2, new elements that change player accessibility or let portals be constructed on any surface are added, such as tractor beams, lasers, light bridges, and paint-like gels.

As the protagonist of the single-player game, players take control of Chell, a robot created by Aperture founder Cave Johnson (J. K. Simmons) and a guide around the run-down Aperture Science Enrichment Center. At the same time, it is being reconstructed by the supercomputer GLaDOS (Ellen McLain).

Together, players assume the roles of robots Atlas and P-Body, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, as they tackle puzzles in the new cooperative mode. Songs for the game were produced by Jonathan Coulton and the National.

NamePortal 2
GenrePuzzle Platform
Release Date18th April, 2011

Rayman Legends 

Rayman Legends

Ubisoft Montpellier was created and released the platform video game Rayman Legends. Over one hundred twenty levels comprise the game, including 40 remastered rounds from Rayman Origins. To access these levels, you must earn Lucky Tickets, which can win more Lums and Teensies.

 In addition, the game features weekly and daily challenge stages where players may compete with one another on leaderboards to complete tasks like gathering a specific amount of Lums in a set amount of time or becoming the stage’s longest-surviving player.

Up to four players can go through different stages in the game in the same manner as in Rayman Origins. You may gather Lums by touching them, eliminating opponents, or releasing Teensies that have been captured.

Murfy the Greenbottle, the primary playable character, shows up as a partner. Murfy is a multi-tasking creature that can cut through ropes, turn on devices, seize opponents, and help collect Lums.

NameRayman Legends
DeveloperUbisoft Montpellier
ModeMultiplayer video game
Release Date20th Aug, 2013

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime 

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime 

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a Video game developed by Asteroid Base. This space shooter game is divided into four campaigns, each with four stages and a boss battle. Among the many captive animals that need to be found and saved at ordinary levels are ducks, frogs, rabbits, and foxes. The spacecraft that the players control has several stations inside of it.

The Yamato cannon, map, engine, shield, and weaponry of the ship are all managed by these stations. Since each player only has control over one avatar (and, in single-player mode, also commands the computer’s companion), they must continually shift between stations to maintain a balance between operating the spacecraft, defending it from harm, and engaging in battle with opponents.

Gems may be found within gift boxes that are found throughout gaming. The stations can have new, improved powers by attaching these jewels. Players can advance to the next stage by entering the heart-shaped gateway that appears once they have captured five of these animals in a level.

A unique gameplay mode where the players have to protect an exclusive engine attached to the spacecraft that shifts the ship to a new place is available in a few stages. In each level, ten creatures can be preserved. Saved species can be used to open new ship configurations or allow two jewels per station, which increases the ship’s effectiveness.

NameLovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
DeveloperAsteroid Base
GenreShooter, adventure game
Release Date9th Sep, 2015



The side-scrolling run-and-gun adventure game Cuphead was created and released by Studio MDHR. Cuphead, a little, humanoid cup, strikes an agreement with the Devil following a defeat at the Devil’s casino.

As compensation for Cuphead’s loss, Cuphead is tasked with reclaiming the souls of escaped debtors. The game features a loose storyline whereby two or more players can take control of Cuphead and his sibling Mugman to battle through multiple stages and boss conflicts.

The main character gains strength and skills throughout the game, eventually becoming a threat to the Devil himself. However, the amount of these skills that players can equip at once is restricted. The gameplay of Cuphead consists mainly of boss encounters divided up into run-and-gun segments.

Each is kept in one of four realms, where they will ultimately face the Devil in battle. There are three difficulty settings available for each boss fight: simple, regular, and expert (the last two bosses don’t have a simple mode).

To move forward in the game and unlock a skilled mode for a certain level, you must defeat a boss in a regular style. Most boss fights occur on the ground; others feature player characters flying planes and function more like side-scrolling shooters.

DeveloperStudio MDHR
GenreRun and gun
Release Date29th Sep, 2017

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons

Starbreeze Studio created the adventure game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons in 2013. The two brothers are seen in this game from a third-person perspective. The controller has two thumbsticks, which allow the brothers to move independently.

The corresponding brother engages with the game environment utilizing controller triggers, including speaking with others or holding onto ledges or objects. The younger brother can fit through small bars, but the older brother is more substantial and can push levers to propel his younger sibling to higher positions.

The two brothers must frequently be manipulated by the player to carry out different tasks to advance through the game. For example, one brother may need to divert a violent, non-player protagonist while the other navigates the environment.

If one of the brothers is hurt or falls from a great height, the game resumes at the most recent checkpoint. Since the entire in-game conversation is delivered in a comprised language derived from Lebanese Arabic, motions, gestures, and facial expressions are used to tell the story.

NameBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons
DeveloperStarbreeze Studios
Release Date7th Aug, 2013

Moving Out 

Moving Out

The 2020 cooperative moving simulation game Moving Out was created by Australian SMG Studios and the Swedish Company DevM Games. In Moving Out, players assume the duties of movers, transporting electronics and designated furniture (such as microwaves, refrigerators, and couches) from a home to a moving vehicle in a set amount of time.

There may be challenges in the form of rakes, flames, ice, and even ghosts along the route. Particular objects are bulky and need to be moved by two people, while other goods are soft and break easily. It is possible to throw objects.

Based on how fast they can fit everything into the moving truck, players receive rankings on a bronze, silver, and gold scale. Optional goals at each stage include breaking all of the windows of the house and packing an unlabeled item. There may be more bonus levels to unlock.

“Assist Mode” is a feature in Moving Out that helps make the game easier. This feature allows the player to skip levels, remove barriers, make objects lighter, extend the time limit, and vanish objects on delivery.

NameMoving Out
DeveloperSMG studios, DevM Games
GenrePuzzle, action
Release Date28th April, 2020

Overcooked! All You Can Eat 

Overcooked! All You Can Eat

In Overcooked! All You Can Eat, players must collaborate closely to succeed. The game focuses on cooperative gaming. In progressively frantic kitchen settings, players take turns being a team of chefs, rushing to prepare and execute instructions.

This cooperative gaming idea fits perfectly with It Takes Two, a game in which two players must work together to solve puzzles and accomplish obstacles. Both games produce captivating, frequently funny experiences that creatively and amusingly test players’ coordination, resolving issues, and communication abilities.

The attractiveness of this game is its capacity to use the rules of teamwork to transform straightforward tasks into engaging challenges. In It Takes Two, players must use the characters’ distinct powers in concert to travel through the game’s varied and inventive levels.

Similarly, as players move through several kitchens, each with its distinctive pattern and challenges, they must adapt and coordinate strategies.

NameOvercooked! All You Can Eat
DeveloperGhost Town Games, Team17
GenreSimulation Video Game
Release Date10th Nov, 2020

Human: Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat

A fun and humorous physics-platformer game, Human: Fall Flat, exists in floating dreamscapes. From buildings, castles, and Aztec adventures to cold mountains, frightening nightscapes, and industrial areas, every dream level offers a different setting to explore.

There are several ways to complete each level, and well-placed riddles guarantee that creativity and discovery are rewarded. In this physics-based puzzle game, users take control of Bob, an adaptable human character. It is stated that Bob is only human and lacks any superhuman talents.

Bob is a featureless, straightforward, all-white man with a baseball cap in his default appearance. Still, players can alter him to their will by painting his body several colors and outfitting him in a wide range of clothes.

The game is flexible, with a different theme for each level and many ways to solve the problems that each round presents. To help players master the gameplay and eventually solve the puzzles, a variety of concealed buttons in the game prompt the appearance of instructional videos.

NameHuman: Fall Flat
DeveloperNo Breaks Games
Release Date22nd July, 2016

Unravel Two

Unravel Two

The Swedish company Coldwood Interactive developed the puzzle-platform game Unravel Two in 2018. Two tiny, human-like fabric creatures called Yarnys are the main focus of the game. They can travel through gorgeous natural and urban settings. This game can be played alone or in local multiplayer settings.

To solve puzzles and manage the environment, the two Yarnys (each can be manipulated by one or two people) in the game must cooperate. The main plot of the game takes place on an island and features extra challenging levels. Many of the advancing sections of this game can be rendered more fun by the fact that you can play with a friend.

Unravel Two’s puzzles are creatively designed based on Yarnys’ powers, requiring cooperative play to move across gaps, climb, and influence the surroundings. It also includes a lot of focus on cooperative gaming, where advancement involves collaboration and coordination.

NameUnravel Two
DeveloperColdwood interactive
Release Date9th June, 2018

What is It Takes Two?

Hazlight Studios and Electronic Arts are the developers of the action-adventure video game It Takes Two, released in 2021. Players play the roles of Cody and May, a separated couple facing divorce, in the multiplayer game It Takes Two.

They become dolls due to a mystical fascination, and to escape, they must each use their unique abilities to navigate imaginative promoting levels. They make an effort to mend their damaged friendship along the way.

It Takes Two is a fun and unexpected journey perfect for couples and friends to play together because it rarely utilizes the exact mechanism twice. Although it’s a unique cooperative game, there are tons of other incredible cooperative games that you may play after finishing it that are equally as remarkable.

NameIt Takes Two
DeveloperHazelight Studios
Release Date26th Mar, 2021

It Takes Two Gameplay

It Takes Two is a puzzle-based, game-inspired, and action-adventure video game. This game is designed to be played locally or online with another player because it was created especially for split-screen cooperative multiplayer.

Numerous game mechanics from different video game genres are included in the game. These gaming elements relate to the level’s concept and narrative. On one level, for example, Cody learns to turn back time, while May can duplicate herself. For the game to advance, players must work together and use these skills. There are a ton of small games in this game as well.


Puzzle activities, action, and adventure exist in games similar to It Takes Two. Additionally, these multiplayer video games significantly increase their users’ interest. You can also find ten games comparable to this one in this blog post.

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