Games Similar to Candy Crush: 10 Amazing Alternatives Options

Games similar to Candy Crush fascinate millions of players worldwide. In this blog post, ten substitute games featuring Candy Crush-like elements will be found. You won’t get bored playing these games or need to visit another website for more games.

10 games similar to Candy Crush

 Games similar to Candy Crush have many of the same characteristics as this particular game. These titles are 4 Elements, Bake Shop Drop, Bejeweled Blitz, Bubble Witch 3 Saga, Cookie Jam, Cursed House, Farm Heroes Saga, Gems of War, Hexbee, Juice Cubes, etc.

4 Elements

4 Elements

4 Elements is a short, action-packed, turn-based game. Books, cards, or dice are not provided. Though you don’t have to accept that background to enjoy this very traditional match-three game, 4 Elements is the name given to the game in which the player uses the elements’ magic to rebuild life in a historical kingdom.

Several casual games are combined into one seamless package in 4 Elements. It incorporates questing and concealed object gameplay into the gen-matching genre and fantasy and RPG aspects.

The game’s object is to remove the pieces of the opposition by flicking one’s element in turn. When the opposing player’s Lord piece is removed, the player wins. The players arrange their Elements as they see fit before the game begins. You can set your Elements as you wish by rotating them and combining them.

Name4 Elements
PlatformAndroid, Microsoft Windows, iOS
Initial Release Date25th Aug 2008
GenrePuzzle, adventure, and strategy video games

Bake Shop Drop

Bake Shop Drop

A puzzle game called Bake Shop Drop was created especially for the Facebook app and features falling blocks. In the game, a pastry is employed as a unit of measurement. Red cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, strawberry glazed donuts, and yellow objects with eyes are some examples of pastries represented by blocks.

It’s a delicious game that will increase your cholesterol. The game is divided into levels that may be unlocked by completing the one before it. Previous levels can always be replayed. A player-versus-participant (PvP) feature is available in the classic mode.

Slide the pastry down into the heaps from the top. Line up in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal fashion. Gather the necessary orders to complete the level.

NameBake Shop Drop
GenrePuzzle platform
Initial Release Date2012

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz

PopCap Games is the developer and publisher of the puzzle video game Bejeweled Blitz. To earn the most incredible score in one minute, players must match gems with multipliers in Bejeweled Blitz. Players may compete for the highest score on leaderboards by connecting to Facebook. Gamers can employ enhancements to acquire in-game bonuses and rare gems that alter gameplay.

As the game continues, the multiplier’s point value will rise, beginning twice, if matched with two additional gems. An 8 by 8 grid of gems makes up the primary gaming screen. Players exchange gems with neighboring jewels to form lines of three. Gems vanish as a match is achieved, and new gems drop down onto the playing surface from above.

Coin Gems are another option. The player’s bank will increase by 100 coins for each matched Coin Gem. The player would additionally get five times the starting value.

NameBejeweled Blitz
PlatformAndroid, iOS
DeveloperPopCap Games
Initial Release Date5th April 2010

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

The creators of the Candy Crush Saga also developed the mystical pop-shooting puzzle game Bubble Witch 3 Saga. In this shooter activity, you must free magical animals imprisoned in colorful bubbles. An evil cat plotting to become history’s most potent wizard holds these cute little animals captive. However, the kind witch will not be making things simple for him.

You must locate unique balls, magical abilities, and other surprises to defeat Wilbur’s armies. In this thrilling adventure, Stella the Witch is returning and requires your help to destroy Wilbur. Despite his charming appearance, he is full of mystical mischief.

 Play the bubble-shooting puzzle game and explore the realm by popping as many bubbles as possible. With Stella, you can shoot and pop bubbles with fantastic accuracy by matching them with a particular targeting line.

Crack the secrets in this thrilling bubble-shooting adventure to save the Fairy Queen. To locate the magical stars’ dust, Stella must repair her home after Wilbur damaged it. Target and fire as you move through each level. Pop three matching bubbles. Free the ghosts, release the owls, and stop Wilbur from harming the Fairy Queen. To obtain prizes, rebuild Stella’s home and visit other players.

NameBubble Witch 3 Saga
PlatformAndroid, iOS
Initial Release Date11th Jan, 2016

Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam

With millions of puzzles to solve, Cookie Jam is a game created by Jam City. It’s your classic match-3 game from the 1970s, except with more cookies and candy. You must link three or more of the same kind to make the candies disappear.

As is typical, this game has numerous levels, each requiring you to complete specific goals. Your straightforward goal is to get ten square cookies, five heart-shaped pastries, and eight moon-shaped deserts. The level is over when you accomplish this objective and earn all required points. This game has 1100 levels to finish, and new levels are added every Wednesday.

Pair three identical items to make them vanish. Match four pieces to produce a new, more vital component. Match five similar items to develop a wild card. In this straightforward game format, you must get through levels packed with cookies, candy, and other sweets.

NameCookie Jam
PlatformWeb Browser, iOS, Android
DeveloperJam City
Initial Release Date26th Feb, 2014
GenrePuzzle fun

Cursed House

Cursed House

To progress in the first-person psychologically terrifying game Cursed House, you must examine your surroundings. The game’s story is set in an ancient haunted house in a nearby village.

A married couple writes a letter to a church asking for assistance after the death of a guy who was cursed by her for cheating on a lady. The man’s soul is imprisoned in his home after his grandson settles in after marriage. The father visits the house that has been cursed in an attempt to help after reading the letter delivered to him.

Another typical match-three game is Cursed House, but this one has a twist—as the name implies, it has a horror element that you may find new and captivating. Playing well in the game allows you to free the house from its wicked creatures.

NameCursed House
PublisherHero Studios games
Initial Release DateAction, adventure, horror game
Genre27th July, 2021

Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga

While Farm Heroes Saga can be played for free, optional in-game purchases must be made. In an attempt to destroy precious farmlands, Rancid the raccoon is robbing as many crops as possible. To rescue the moment, get together with the Farm Heroes and assist in gathering the Cropsies. Switching, matching, and gathering crops throughout the farm will help you solve puzzles on hundreds of levels.

To obtain the crucial high score, arrange your actions for more incredible and better matches after pairing three or more Cropsies. Discover unique journeys through game types and puzzles, such as boss fights with Rancid.

You can get a lot of skills and boosts in Farm Heroes Saga to aid you in your journey. When you have extra movements, take advantage of Hero Mode to score different points, which increases the value of those important battles.

NameFarm Heroes Saga
PlatformAndroid, web browsers, iOS
Initial Release Date7th Mar, 2013

Gems of War

Gems of War

Gems of War is an entertaining match-3 game with some interesting role-playing aspects. You may even design a hero to play as and use matching stones to power your abilities. You can also monitor the statistics that are displayed on the screen.

Enter a world of adventures as you gather heroes from throughout the realm and use the puzzle board’s power to defeat enemies. Open into new worlds to collect hundreds of soldiers and destroy countries. Now is the time to enter the conflict and begin your path to becoming a puzzle legend.

Give your hero armor and weapons, then send him into battle with mythical creatures. To fight strong bosses, use strategic thinking, unit upgrades, and your soldiers’ unique skills. Join a community of players, converse with friends, and cooperate to obtain substantial bonuses.

Battle through a wide range of missions, each with an exclusive story and rewards that can alter the course of the game.

NameGems of War
PlatformAndroid, iOS
Developer Infinity Plus Two, Infinite Interactive Pty. Ltd.
Initial Release Date29th Oct, 2014
GenreAction, adventure, puzzle, role-playing video game



The Hexbee game is more complex than its competitors since it requires to match five identical objects rather than just three. This game doesn’t have any levels. The satisfaction of surpassing your record and seeing your name displayed on the scoreboard is only one of the many reasons to keep playing.

Hexabee combines sharp visual graphics with the genre-defining mechanics of traditional line puzzles to deliver a fantastic experience. Enjoy while playing it, and use the Game Center leaderboards to compare your results with your friends.

To rearrange the pieces, tap the desired location on the field and then tap again to make the change. There must be no barriers in the way of any component preventing access between sectors. To score as many points as you can in this game, you must form lines with at least five items of the same kind.

Moving without drawing a line will cause three additional pieces to appear; otherwise, the pieces will vanish when you draw that line. The game is over when all moves are exhausted due to board filling.

Initial Release Date16th Mar, 2013
Available onPC

Juice Cubes

Juice Cubes

Pocket PlayLab created the puzzle video game Juice Cubes. To complete the objectives, gamers must connect at least three fruits of the same color. They also obtain a particular number of points and clean the grid of sand titles.

A player may eliminate a row or column by matching a bomb fruit that emerges once they connect four or more cubes. A bomb fruit that may destroy fruit in three-by-three areas is created when it is developed diagonally.

Players can eliminate fruits of the same color from the grid by connecting eight or more fruits to form a particular fruit.

Match the juice cubes in the game to win this exciting and engaging game. Play a Juice cube game and match the fruit to create a variety of drinks, such as guava juice. Players of this game will receive several gifts that will take them to new levels.

There are a ton of mystery bombs, combination blasts, and other booster options in the game that can help players win rewards and preserve movements.

NameJuice Cubes
PlatformAndroid, iOS
DeveloperPocket PlayLab
Initial Release Date31st Oct, 2013

What is Candy Crush?

King released Candy Crush, a title-matching video game that can be played for free. To progress through a level, players must exchange colored candy pieces on the playing surface to form matches of three or more of the same color.

Once a match is made, the original candy is removed from the board and replaced with new candy that could produce more matches. When four or more candies are matched, a unique candy with more extraordinary board-clearing ability is created.

A playing surface may include several objectives that must be accomplished in a predetermined number of turns, like gathering a certain quantity of a particular candy.

Name Candy Crush
PlatformiOS, Android, web browser
Initial Release Date12th April, 2012

Candy Crush Gameplay

To create a column or row with at least three candies of the same color, players must exchange two adjacent sweets among numerous on the gameboard.

New candies start to appear from the top of the board as the matched candies are taken off it, and the sweets above them drop into the empty positions. A unique kind that, when compared, may remove a row, column, or other area of the board is also produced when four or more candies are matched.

The game has numerous stages, all of which must be finished in sequence. The user must remove jelly from tiles or remove candies in a set amount of moves to transfer particular components to the bottom of the playing surface to complete each level.

If the player completes the level’s objectives, they progress to the next level and receive stars based on their performance. If not, they will lose one life and have to start over. If they run out of lives, they must wait for a certain amount of time until their lives recover before trying the level again. You can replay finished levels if you’d like.


The most excellent way to pass the time during time off from work is to play games similar to Candy Crush, which provides an incredible experience. You can choose from ten games on this platform comparable to the fantastic and visually appealing puzzle game Candy Crush. These games are ideal to utilize your spare time more effectively.

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