Apps Similar to TaskRabbit: 10 Ultimate Sites to Make Money

Apps similar to TaskRabbit interact with busy individuals with local task workers who will assist them with multiple tasks. You will find ten apps comparable to this gateway in this blog post. You will receive equal help as described in this post, such as jobs that pay well so you can meet your basic needs.

To improve your understanding, all these apps also link to official iOS and Android apps. Some noteworthy Taskrabbit features are also covered in this article to grab your attention. It will also provide details on its pricing, safety, and legality.

10 Similar Apps to TaskRabbit

Regardless of your ability level, there are plenty of options to locate local work. Ten similar apps to Taskrabbit let you earn money whenever it’s convenient. These applications include Gigwalk, Humantic, PopularPerHour, Thumbtack, Jobble, Handy, Zaarly, FancyHands, EasyShift, and NeedTo. 



Thumbtack is an important domestic service competitor, having established itself as a front-runner in today’s virtual economy. The online site connects customers with local professionals. The overall number of experts in a certain area is displayed via the app’s geolocator. Professionals can advertise their companies or work as independent contractors.

Thumbtack distributes leads according to established guidelines. Providing quotation estimates before accepting the project enables professionals to develop their pricing. There’s a reason why home service providers prefer Thumbtack.

With Thumbtack, you can find the work you require to begin a business at your leisure. Make a company profile where you can describe your employment, travel schedule, and activities. The app will offer employment possibilities that align with your search criteria.


  • Simple integration of payments
  • Supplier of services
  • A platform for generating leads



An interesting instrument that combines traditional job boards and Taskrabbit is called Jobble. You must first create a profile to proceed. You can search for a job on Jobble by browsing the millions of published gigs after creating your account. These occupations are a combination of full-time, temporary, and flexible workers.

Since Jobble supports independent contractors and freelancers, most of its employment opportunities and assets will be directed to them. Jobble provides flexible hourly positions on a shift-by-shift basis. A single, user-friendly software allows you to apply for, manage, and be paid for each job. 

In addition to general labor, delivery, hospitality, event hire, warehouse, retail, and more, this portal also offers these positions. With just one user-friendly app, you can apply for, manage, and be paid for all your jobs.


  • Easily track your work 
  • Estimated pay
  • Stay organized with



Handy is an excellent service if you want to get money doing unusual things. The aim of this software is general handyman tasks. To finish more technical work, you have to satisfy extra requirements.

This app offers jobs for cleaning, plumbing, TV mounting, electrical, furniture construction, and other tasks. Rates for handy quotations range from $22 for cleaning, $45 for hand-person services, and $62 for gardening. Additionally, it claims that some of its best specialists make more than $1,000 a week. 

You can modify your timetable on the platform. Payment is made via the app immediately as a task is finished. This isn’t the case, unlike TaskRabbit, which releases payment after a week.


  • Extensive range of services
  • Solid app functionality 
  • Flexible work



Zaarly is a leader in the field of housing services. The professionals on this platform can handle any task that needs to be done in your home. House gardening, carpentry, painting, plumbing, and handyman tasks are offered. For owners who wish to take maintenance of their property, it’s the right choice.

Check out the Zaarly application on iOS or Android, or visit the official site to use this portal. Examine service providers and select one. Inform them of the tasks you require completed. Every company promises to reply in three hours and send you a price quote. Each service provider determines their fees.

Through the app, clients and service workers can interact in real-time or exchange documents and photographs. After the job is finished, Zaarly emails an acknowledgment to the consumer, charges their payment card, and pays the contractor. This platform promises that you will be pleased with the work.


  • No advertising cost
  • Guarantees satisfaction
  • 10% fee on any transaction



Fancyhands is an app that has a focus on virtual work. It allows you to work from home, completing errands posted by busy professionals and businesses. Some of the jobs this platform includes are scheduling appointments, making phone calls, finding the best prices, entering data, booking travel, etc. 

To get started, you’ll need to complete an application. Then, if approved, you’ll be able to start taking jobs off of the job board. Each task pays $3 to $7, depending on the time it takes and the complexity. You can work as much or as little as you like. FancyHands issues payments every other Tuesday.

When you submit a task, it’s assigned to one of its US-based assistants, who will begin working immediately. You don’t have to worry about language or cultural barriers. The supervisor provides each task before being sent back to you. 


  • Virtual assistance service
  • attractive user interface
  • Accessible via mobile app



Easyshift is an application for gathering data that will compensate you for performing simple duties at nearby shops and stores. You will get paid for performing the specified tasks, which is legitimate. With this app, you can get paid to perform interesting duties around your community. These tasks involve reporting product specials, photographing merchandise, and monitoring prices at particular businesses. 

If a job opportunity arises, you can work at any time you choose. To get started, claim the position through the app. When you’re done, they’ll send you a payment forty-eight hours later. The company claims that jobs may be located throughout the US and the United Kingdom, and the free app is accessible for download on iOS and Android platforms.

After downloading the app and registering, you can view available jobs by selecting one of the Map and List views. The map view displays the following information: the distance to the job, the pay rate per task, the shortest typical completion time, and the maximum number of points you could receive.


  • Save money and time
  • Easy to use
  • Employee satisfaction



NeedTo is an online resource for social assistance that is available to everyone. Creating a profile that best represents your skills is an initial step toward starting. You will then be able to see the locations where people are displaying their “needs.” You may make an offer based on a worker’s requirements. 

The NeedTo service will let you know whether you’re hired. This website lists a variety of “needs,” including writing, website design, house cleaning, remodeling, shopping, and more. It is a user-friendly, free online employment site that links consumers with providers of home services. Clients publish the activities they need to be done, along with the required amount of money, mode of payment, and completion date. 

Home service providers contact clients via Facebook, Twitter, and email when taking on new work. When a job is finished, the customer is invited to submit a review. Ten percent of all employment earnings from NeedTo are donated to charitable job training projects.


  • User-friendly 
  • Free to use
  • Social assisting platform



PeoplePerHour is a great flexible freelancing marketplace that connects users with more than two million independent contractors. You can view their profiles if you’d like to hire independent contractors. Its primary concentration is online work; some areas it covers are writing, programming, digital marketing, business, and translations.

You must set up a skill-showcasing profile on this platform as a freelancer. Then, you can access job opportunities and make proposals. They will let you know if you are hired, and then you can start working and get paid.

PeoplePerHour is a UK-based internet platform for freelancers. Since its launch in 2007, the network has connected millions of freelancers with companies worldwide, allowing them to purchase and sell nearly any digital service.


  • Posting material for free 
  • Freelancers with established fees
  • Easy reporting



A software called Humantic was created to give businesses a detailed breakdown of phone calls. Numerous companies utilize the data to increase sales or enhance customer service. This network employs people to listen to taped calls and respond to questions to assess call equality.

After that, they put all the responses into reports and deliver them to the appropriate companies. As a work-from-home phone reviewer, you can set your work hours. Humanism is accessible anywhere.

No matter where you live, you can still register as a member. But you must have a registered PayPal account to sign up as a member. Your hourly earnings could range from $1 to $4.5 based on your accuracy and skill level.


  • Relatively low payout threshold
  • Pays through PayPal
  • Free and simple



Through the app GigWalk, companies can find contractors to run their daily tasks. Typically, these tasks involve verifying product prices, snapping images, or reviewing advertisements. The pay for jobs varies and might range from $3 to $100, based on how long they take to do.

Get the app and register to begin using it. When you do, a list of events in your area will appear. After that, you are eligible for any job that interests you. An app will notify you whether a corporation accepts your application.

After finishing the task, you may upload the result. Upon company authorization, they will make a PayPal payment. Just be aware that the employment you obtain using this app won’t likely bring in a large salary because the jobs you acquire are likely irregular.


  • Suitable for Android and iOS 
  • Validation of work
  • Messaging and communication

What is Taskrabbit?

TaskRabbit is a mobile and web platform that connects local customers looking for unusual tasks with freelance talent. Tasks range from plumbing to delivery, house cleaning, yard upkeep, and assembling Ikea furniture.

If you are beginning your home service company, this is excellent software, but avoid participating in short-term businesses to make quick money.Taskrabbit’s user rating system means that additional chances for taking on new tasks appear based on the good reviews that clients have left for your business on your profile. 

Using your smartphone, you may add your abilities set, rate pay, schedule your availability, and monitor your monthly data. They will allow you to work if you are suitable for their needs.

Name TaskRabbit
Type App
Service Online marketplace
Served areasUK, US, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, etc. 
Job category Plumbing, cleaning, yard upkeeping, etc.

Features of Taskrabbit App

The Taskrabbit app provides many notable features for busy people. The description below discusses a few of them.

Chat Option

The app’s chat feature allows you to send and receive messages and converse anytime. This enables you to provide the greatest assistance and support.

Statement of Charges

The payment request will be sent via the app once the service is finished. To examine the service and payment, go to the purchase area. You may send an SMS or email from here as well.

Home Service Marketplace

By accessing the mobile app, you can view the entire list. The app has every kind of home service available. Additionally, users can choose particular categories to view a description of every service.

Reservation Area

Both customers and service providers can benefit from this. Clients can easily schedule both the handyperson and the service provider. Bookings can be viewed and planned by service providers as well. There is an opportunity to arrange another date if they are not available.

How Taskrabbit Works?

Taksrabbit’s working process is as follows.

  • You will receive notifications about jobs available in your metropolitan region when you download the TaskRabbit app.
  • Choose your compensation rate and the task type you want to be notified of.
  • Only accept jobs that you are interested in.
  • Verify the job requirements with the client.
  • When the work is finished, send in your invoice, and remember to request a review.

Is Taskrabbit App Free?

No, this application requires payment to use. If you can complete your responsibilities, a $25 one-time registration fee will be deducted from your earnings. Although it is the only occasion you will use TaskRabbit, the cost is non-refundable. The company collects client fees, while taskers retain all service charges and bonuses.

Is Taskrabbit App Safe?

The TaskRabbit app is dedicated to providing a wonderful and safe experience. This portal takes the security of customer data very seriously and carefully. It manages all sensitive information you provide when joining as a tasker or submitting a task, following this platform’s privacy policy.

Is Taskrabbit App Legal?

Although legal, some tasks may require a license, permit, or registration. If you undertake them without such documents, you risk fines and legal action from law enforcement.


Taskrabbit and similar apps might keep you engaged while you look for additional income. This post offers ten apps with characteristics comparable to this platform to aid you. If it is out of reach, you can still make money. 

If you run a contracting company, there are several ways to find work. This platform offers convenient and dependable alternatives, whether you need help with cleaning, repairs, or improvements. Benefit from its features and comparable offers to select the most qualified and effective tasker for your project. If you carefully read this guide, you can meet your needs.

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