Apps Similar to Pinterest: Top 10 Alternatives

Pinterest is an American-based image-sharing and social media app for saving and discovering different information. However, it is a good source to host video content. It is a platform for inspiration that helps people find relevant and favorable ideas that can be implemented in their lives for improvement. It is a visual discovery engine for searching for ideas like home recipes and style inspiration. 

Suppose you want to take an idea about the birthday party. If you type “birthday party” in the Pinterest search bar, you will get different ideas about the birthday party décor, recipes, and birthday present ideas.

With the help of a search bar, you can get an idea of varying fashions, styles, and trends. On this platform, you can easily use pins to save your favorite content. It may be images, videos, and products. Now, I will discuss similar sites that can be used instead of Pinterest.

Ten Similar Apps to Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the top visual search engines for searching different ideas like recipes, trends, and style inspiration. Other apps working on the internet can be similar to this platform because of its many features and functions. You can use these apps in the absence of Pinterest. The following apps would provide you with the same features and functions.

We Heart It

We Heart It

It is a well-known site containing the best platform for users to post photos and make collections. The popularity of this App can be estimated by its users worldwide. According to the resources, more than 30 million users are on this App. This site is a favorite amongst the female users. Initially, this App was not introduced as a service.

It was established to attract young women worldwide. This platform is an image-based social app for uploading and sharing photo collections with other users. This App is the home of your inspiration, allowing you to share your favorite images with different people and create a collection. 

You can access this site through iOS and Android mobile apps. Users can install this App from a few resources like Google Play Store and Apple Store.


  • Offering follow icon, sharing buttons, and live widgets
  • Text one another with images.
  • Share poems, creative thoughts, advice, and recipes.



Pearltrees is a popular platform for organizing, storing, and sharing sites for different usages. Another free visual platform for users to organize and upload their personal photos, notes, web pages, and files for others. This platform allows users to get everything they like. The best thing about this platform is that your collection would be visible to everyone. 

But if you become a premium platform member, you can convert your collection into private. You can connect to this platform with the help of a computer, tablet, or mobile device. This App is easy to sign up for and free to use with its convenient process. 

Suppose you want to install this App on your device. You can use a couple of resources for the installation. You can install it from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.


  • Offer everything you like
  • Access from computers, tablets, and phones
  • Keep everything like notes, images
  • Fast Browsing
  • Collaborate with your favorite topic



Dribbble is a wonderful place to browse designs from individual designers and teams worldwide. This App is a social networking platform for digital creators. It is one of the biggest platforms for designers to share their work with others.

This App is a home-based platform for the world’s best designers. Different artists and professionals use this platform to hire designers. This platform’s designs are not limited to web and mobile designs. This App also contains the design of icons, animation, branding, and many more.

This platform has become a source of inspiration for a lot of creators. They can share and grow their work with the help of this platform if you want to install this App on your device like a tablet or phone. You can get it from resources like the Google Play Store.


  • Best social platform for digital designers
  • Jobs and recruitment platform
  • A showcasing platform for your work
  • Engagement with community



Flipboard is an award-winning site that contains top stories for its global audience. This platform collects content from various sources, such as news channels, social networks, and blogs. Users can read stories, articles, and blog spots in a magazine format on this platform. Unlike traditional magazines, you can consider this app a smart magazine. 

You can create a digital magazine on Flipboard and share it with your friends and family. This App is great for containing community and conversation features. This platform is the best social networking app where users can discuss news, sports, food, politics, etc. 

You can use this App with IOS, Windows, and Androids. You can choose a couple of resources to install this App. The first is the Google Play Store, and the second is the Apple Store.


  • Explore different information in magazine format
  • Saving your stories on the platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • IOS, Windows, and Android supported



The mix is the best platform that contains a massive variety of topics. This is the best platform that allows you to connect with mixed learners. The platform supports a user-friendly interface that allows you to search for anything hassle-free.

To use this App, you have to create an account, which is almost free. When you create your account, you can begin browsing your favorite sites. You can also follow users on this App, and they can follow your account. 

On this platform, you can explore different genres. You can filter your desired media, like gifs, articles, or videos. You can run this App on tablets, phones, and Chromebooks. You can install this App from the Google Play Store.


  • Massive variety of topics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Variety of genres



Instagram is one of the top-ranking apps Mike Kreiger and Kevin System developed. This is the best forum with a free facility to share photos and videos on Android and iPhone. Users of this site can upload photos and videos on this platform and share them with their followers and groups of friends. You can also see the comments and likes about your post on Instagram. 

Users must be 13 or older to register on this platform. You can upload your edited content for followers with a public account. Let’s talk about the safety of this App. Instagram is one of the top-running platforms, with billions of users worldwide. This App is a safe platform for many users around the world. 

This App became popular when influencers and celebrities chose this platform for social media activities. You can install this App from resources like Google Play Store and Apple Store.


  • Free platform for sharing photos and videos
  • Best user-friendly interface
  • Extensive in features and functions
  • Safe and secure to use



Depositphotos is a stock photography app that sells different categories of photos, illustrations, sectors, and videos under a royalty-free license. It was introduced by Dmitry Sergeev in 2009. The headquarters of this platform is in New York. This platform is so massive for its image content. The quality used for the images is amazing. 

There are different categories used on this site to make your search easier. Categories like nature, animals, business, people, education, city, and many more are available on this platform. Users can search 234 million plus files with this App on their smartphones. This App is one of the leading content platforms with approximately 234 million plus files. 

You can run this App on different devices like tablets and phones if you want to install the App. You can choose several resources like Google Play Store and Apple Play Store.


  • Massive range of categories
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive library of contents



Behance is one of the best Apps owned by Adobe that is used by creative specialists worldwide. Matias Corea and Scott Belsky founded this platform in November 2005, and it was later acquired by Adobe in 2012. Behance is best for offering online portfolios like graphic designing, fashion, advertising, Photography, illustration, infographics, motion graphics, packaging, and more. 

The main purpose of this site is to show off the creative work to an audience. The interface of this App is so friendly and helpful that it allows users to search for anything without hassle. On this platform, you can search millions of topics through different categories like graphic designing, Photography, and illustration. 

This App runs on Android, iOS, and Tablets. You can install this App with different resources like Google Play Store and Apple Store.


  • Extensive collection of contents
  • User-friendly interface
  • A massive range of filters



Juxtapose is the best App for containing a facility to combine elements from more than two images. This procedure allows you to combine multiple images for photomontages quickly and easily. Users are allowed to make fun by mixing an element of photos. You can take an element from one photo and drop it on the other. You can put your friend’s head on the statue. 

This feature also allows users to twist their dad’s face into son’s face. This site is full of fun for users around the world. You can run this App on devices like Androids, Apple, and tablets. Users can install this App from different resources, like the Apple Store.


  • Unlimited undo
  • Save your photos directly in the album
  • Share edited images on social media apps
  • Portrait and landscape orientation modes



Fancy is a platform introduced by Joseph Einhom where you can purchase amazing things presented by the global community. What is the main purpose of this platform?  Fancy Offers you thousands of stores with millions of things.

With the help of this platform, you can fancy your desired items and share them with your friends for earning. The interface of this App is so friendly and helpful for doing searches on anything. Most kinds of stuff on this platform are expensive, but it is a really good App even if you don’t want to buy anything.

According to the Bloomberg report, the valuation of Fancy has crossed $600 million. This platform also offers comment options to the audience for giving reviews about this App. Different reviews from the audience can be a source of improvement for this App. This App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


  • Extensive quantity of stores
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offering Virtual Gifts
  • Communicate with audience

About Pinterest

Pinterest is a USA-based image-sharing platform designed by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann in January 2010. This App is the best platform for discovering different information such as recipes, style, and home. According to the resource, approximately 465 million users use this App monthly.

The revenue of this site has reached 1.693 billion dollars. The popularity of this App depends on its features and functions. Pinterest uses shortcuts to ideas with the help of images and video instead of text. This app can work on both PC and mobile.

TypeImage sharing and social media service
Launch dateJanuary, 2010
Revenue1.693 billion USD
NominationTeen choice award for choice social network
FoundersEvan Sharp, Paul Sciarra, ben Silbermann
EmployeesOver 4000

Pinterest app

The Pinterest app is a visual discovery app for ideas on home, style, and inspiration. You can easily find your ideas and then save them for long use. Pinterest introduced its App to enhance user experience on devices like phones or tablets. You can download this App from different resources like Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Features of Pinterest

Pinterest is the best way to search for innovative ideas and save them for long-term use. This platform offers so many features and functions for its users worldwide.


The users on Pinterest are usually called pinners, and their posts are called pins. Pins are important on Pinterest for containing images or videos that can be saved to the board.


The board is a platform where you save the pin. You can make your board from your profile. The board is useful for holding, organizing, and collecting your pins for a long time.


Visual is another feature of Pinterest that allows users to search for their desired content. Users can search for their favorite topics through different categories on Pinterest.

Smart Feed

Smart feed is a personal feature of Pinterest. It contains a customized selection of pins for each user, which is the best way to ensure users’ feeds are engaging.

Search and Explore

It is another great feature of Pinterest, where users can search on pins, boards, and topics of interest. These features include categories like popular topics, trending pins, and personal recommendations for exploring the latest content.

Save Button

The save button is a useful feature of Pinterest. It is a browser extension that allows users to save web content to their boards.


Users can follow their favorite Pinterest followers, including friends, influencers, creators, and brands. With the help of this feature, users can stay updated with pins and boards of their favorite followers. 

Shopping Feature

This feature offers a shopping-related platform for users to sell products. Different pins and ads are options for product promotion on this platform.

Group Board

This feature is a collaborative board that brings different users’ contributions and saves their pins for sharing. They give them the facility of collaboration and content sharing among members with the same interests.


Pinterest is popular amongst users because it allows them to show images and videos instead of text. It is one of the best visual discovery search engines for searching for different ideas like home, recipes, and style inspiration, which can be implemented in our lives lately.

Suppose you want an idea about a marriage ceremony; type these words on Pinterest, and you will get different ideas about this event’s decoration, gifts, and different recipes of food dishes. 

With the help of a search bar, you can get an idea about fashion, trends, style, and many more. You can use pins to save your favorite content, including videos, images, and products. Pins on this app are just like the bookmark.

I have also discussed many alternatives to this app that can be used instead of this platform for the same features and functions. Similar apps can also perform the same features and functions without Pinterest.

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