Apps Similar to Earnin: Top Ten Applications to Get Cash Advance

The goal of apps similar to Earnin is to help when you need instant access to money. This blog post will give you ten apps similar to Earnin for your assistance. Each has different features, eligibility requirements, costs, and limitations.

The official iOS and Android app links are provided with these apps to help you learn more about them. The following description provides more information about Earnin’s app, including information on its cost, safety, and legality.

10 Similar Apps To Earnin

I will introduce you to 10 apps similar to Earnin in this topic. Each has unique features, limits, eligibility requirements, and fees, so it’s important to understand the terms and conditions before enrolling.

These apps are Possible Finance, Chime, Varo, Brigit, Albert, One Finance, SoLo Funds, Vola, Current, Zirtue, etc. 

Possible Finance

Possible Finance

Possible Finance, an online lender, offers small, high-interest loans, including credit checks. Its loans have maximum amounts of $500. Established in 2017, the company aims to give people access to loans they might not otherwise be granted.

Possible Finance does not demand a credit score for the acceptance and offers a straightforward pay-in-four installment loan strategy. Borrowers must earn at least $750 monthly and have good transaction and financial account activity to qualify.

Although a bank account demonstrating at least two months of income must be linked, you do not need to pass a credit check to be qualified. The loan will be repaid in four equal installments over eight weeks. Additionally, there is a 29-day period of grace in which you can adjust the dates of your payments.


  • Does not require a credit check
  • Offers numerous repayment options
  • Legitimate online lender



Chime is a digital financial firm that offers high-yield savings accounts, credit-building cards, and checking accounts, among other banking services. Although Chime cannot provide cash advances, its “Spot Me” service does, as it is free for Chime account subscribers. 

Overdraft protection is available to new customers for $20; however, limits may rise to $200 after making on-time repayments. The Chime app combines all the features of a traditional banking experience into one user-friendly application you can utilize from anywhere.

Check your account amounts, deposit checks, transfer money to colleagues, and move assets between your Chime Savings and Chime Checking accounts using this app. When you purchase, it provides transaction alerts and regular account balance updates.


  • No monthly fees 
  • Early access to your income 
  • Disabling transactions is easy.



Varo is a great option for anyone who wants to simplify their financial life. This digital bank offers debit cards, high-yield savings accounts, a vast ATM system, and cash advances.

You can start with up to $250 with Varo Advance and work towards up to $500. But depending on your advance, the cost can range from $1.60 to $40. To be eligible, you must have an active Varo debit card connected to your Varo account and have received at least $800 in automatic deposits the month before.

Varo is special because it gives you a grace period of 15 to 30 days to repay your advance rather than automatically deducting it from your following pay period.


  • There are no charges to deposit checks
  • No overdraft fees
  • A foreign transaction fee is zero



Using the Brigit app, users may obtain cash advances without tips. The app’s budgeting and credit-building capabilities help determine whether the monthly subscription is beneficial. The program charges minimal fees for quick funding and ensures that customers can pay back the money they receive. 

Unlike the majority of other apps, Brigit doesn’t ask for tips. The largest required fee among lending apps is for users to pay a $9.99 monthly subscription charge to receive the advance. However, the cost might be justified if you utilize Brigit’s budgeting and credit-building capabilities. 

Since 2019, Brigit, a legitimate New York-based business, has provided cash advances. Users can find methods to make money by playing games, doing online surveys, or working full or part-time jobs with the app’s free Earning and Saving function. 


  • The fast-funding fee is low
  • Budgeting assistance
  • Help in finding and saving cash



With the Albert app, you can conveniently invest and save money in one location, improving your overall money management. This application offers options for budgeting, investing, saving, and more.

It offers many features, including immediate notifications, budgeting resources, and a useful service where you can pose knowledgeable financial questions and receive accurate, situation-specific responses. The software aims to help everyone manage their finances more simply and efficiently.

Albert simplifies money management, doing away with the necessity for formal telephone conversations with a financial advisor or trips to actual bank offices. You can easily monitor your financial situation using an app to help you stay arranged and achieve your goals. 


  • User-friendly banking service
  • Fee free ATM’s
  • Early paycheck access

One Finance

One Finance

One Finance is a sacramental-based financial technology company founded in 2019. It is not a bank but provides banking services through Coastal Community Bank. Founded in 2019, One Finance is a financial technology startup with a sacramental basis. Although it uses Coastal Community Bank to provide banking services, it is not a bank.

Taking part in direct deposit gives you a debit card with a credit limit from One Finance. A cash advance, however, is not quite the same. You are charged a 1% interest rate or 12% APR on the remaining balance. As most programs like Earnin offer, you may also be eligible to receive direct transfers from your company and the government up to two days early. 

Up to 3% APY (up to $1,000 monthly) may be earned on the first 10% of your cash deposits. You can obtain a secured credit card for free with no annual fee and all these benefits. Your application does not affect your credit score.


  • No monthly fee
  • Fee-free withdrawals 
  • No cash advance limit

SoLo Funds

SoLo Funds

You can borrow or lend money with SoLo Funds for brief periods. You can have more freedom with this app than a typical cash advance app, but the loan repayment period is only 15 days. As long as the lender approves, you can select the conditions of your payback. You can specify these details, for instance, the loan amount ($50 to $500), the lender appreciation tip, and the payback date of up to 15 days.
The application procedure can be finished in as little as three hours, giving you rapid access to your money. A lender has three days to accept your loan request before it expires. You have the option to see the total fees and interest rate before accepting the loan conditions. 

If you repay your loan quickly, there won’t be any fees. A maximum of 12% of the loan’s amount is permitted. It’s not required to give the lender something in return. If your finances are in order, lending money to borrowers and earning interest is another option. 


  • Users can choose a repayment date
  • No mandatory fee
  • Build credit with payments 



You can get your money within five hours alongside Vola’s $300 maximum cash advance. To be qualified for a cash advance, users do not need to receive regular direct deposits. You should be eligible if your account has an average balance of at least $150 and is regularly used. 

According to Vola, one of the easiest cash advance procedures requires you to sign up for a monthly plan that starts at $1.99. Regretfully, Vola’s website makes it difficult to get information on fees. You may be eligible for higher cash advances and reduced subscription fees as your score rises. 

Vola provides many services, including debit cards, spending analysis, and protection against overdraft fees. The services you sign up for and the amount of activity you carry out each month will determine your monthly service charge.


  • Easy qualification
  • Cash advance payments up to $300
  • No interest fee



Current is a financial technology company, not a bank. It offers access to up to $200 without incurring an overdraft fee. To be eligible, you must have received $500 or more in qualifying deposits into your account within 30 days. 

Current boasts saving pods with competitive APY rates, a credit builder card, and the opportunity to receive your salary up to two days earlier. It offers a point program for spending at participating merchants and does not impose any monthly fee. 

Current presents a robust network of 40,000 fee-free ATMs and the convenience of depositing paper checks. It can be a great option for an online checking account with budgeting tools.


  • Overdraft protection
  • Up to three saving pods
  • No monthly fee requirement



The purpose of Zirtue was to transform the lending and borrowing processes completely. Hundreds of people have benefited from it by having more financial control. Because this app arranges a lending agreement and takes payments from you, borrowing money from friends is easier. 

You have a three to six-month repayment schedule and can borrow up to $1,000. The APR for each loan is 5%, so this business offers several security measures to help and maintain your friendship. 

Loans from family and friends may have more favorable terms than borrowing from other lenders, including reduced costs. Your credit score won’t be impacted by this service anymore. Zirtue does not provide cash advances but is closer to personal service. 


  • No monthly fee
  • Peer-to-peer lending app
  • No interest rates

What is Earnin?

Earnin, a financial services provider, offers services for earned wage access. The app was released in May 2014 and founded in 2013 under Activehours. Payday loan services have been related to the economic model of the corporation, which depends on users’ voluntary “tips” to advance wage access.

In 2019, it increased its range of services by negotiating hospital and physician fees for its clients. Tip Yourself is a new savings service that Earnin acquired and launched in 2020. Customers can link their app to savings accounts and debit cards through its primary offering, Cash Out. For each transaction, they offer several suggestions. 

AdvancesUp to $750
OffersEarned wage access
RepaymentWithdrawn from your bank account on the date
PurposeFinancial service

Earnin App

The popular Earnin app in the US is well-known for offering interest-free cash advances of up to $750. It is well-liked by many people who are short on funds between paychecks. Its lack of subscriber requirements and hidden costs is one of the reasons it’s appealing to users. 

Earnin is only one of numerous apps for instant access to additional income. To be eligible for early access to your cash, you must have a direct deposit. The money you request using this app will be transferred into your bank account according to the schedule before your next payday. 

No payments or interest are needed because Earnin retains part of the amount already given to you when you receive it. With this software, transfers typically take a few days, but if you’re in a pinch, you can spend a few bucks for a Lightning-Fast transfer. 

Features of Earnin

Earnin is an application for wage access advances that offers various features. The following description explains a few of them.

Amount Limit

With Earnin, you can access up to $100 in daily loans or $750 in loan payments, which exceeds the amount offered by other applications for paycheck advances.

Quick Funding

You can easily access your money by linking an approved debit card to the EarnIn account when you enroll in the Lightning Speed program. You will have to wait between one and two working days if you choose not to employ Lightning Speed.

No Interest Charged

EarnIn does not impose interest fees, unlike other financing options like credit cards and individual loans. 

Balance Shield Features

Because the EarnIn app is linked to your bank account, you can set it to notify you when your account balance drops below a particular limit.

How Earnin Works

With Earnin, you can access your earnings before your employer’s planned paycheck. To create an Earnin account, take the following actions:

  1. There are iOS and Android versions of the Earnin app. 
  2. Make an account after downloading the app. 
  3. Although it takes a few moments, Earnin may need two or three days to verify your information.
  4. Earnin can identify your pay schedule and estimate when you are working by contributing employment details.
  5. You can use Earnin’s Automagic Earnings tool to submit an electronic timesheet.
  6. Register using the work email address provided by your employer or contribute your earnings to the app. 
  7. Automagic Earnings uses GPS technology to locate you and confirm that you are working when you claim you are.
  8. Click the “Cash Out” option to request a withdrawal after logging into your account. 
  9. The number of hours you’ve worked and your pay frequency decide how much you may borrow or cash out. 
  10. The maximum for each day and the maximum for the pay period also applies to withdrawals.

Is Earnin App Free?

You can download and use this app for free, and no interest fees are associated with the cash you withdraw from Earnin.

Is Earnin App Safe?

The app is a safe place to pay off other expensive loans, but it’s beneficial to consider issues before obtaining an advance. Earnin claims that instead of providing a loan or paycheck advance, it gives “access to earned wages.”

Is Earnin App Legal?

Yes, Earnin is a legal firm. It has an A-minus rating and has been approved by the Better Business Bureau. However, the app’s tipping feature has been criticized for engaging in misleading strategies, according to at least two class-action complaints filed against the organization.


Sometimes, you must make money to live or deal with an unexpected disaster. Receiving a paycheck or cash advance ahead of schedule could be quite helpful. You can get assistance from apps like Earnin, discussed above, if you need some quick extra cash. 

The safety, legality, and free service of Earnin are covered in detail above if you read this essay through to the end.

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