Apps Similar to Whisper: 10 Options for Chatting Without Identity

Apps like Whisper allow you to interact with strangers, reveal private matters, or express yourself. Here are ten apps similar to Whisper and some of their most interesting characteristics. Links to their official iOS or Android apps are also included to spark your interest further. 

The following article will thoroughly discuss the safety and legality of the Whisper app. Additionally, this post will explain its free-to-use capability and workings.

10 Similar Apps to Whisper

Due to the widespread integration of social networking platforms including Pinterest into everyday activities, finding similar apps to Whisper can be challenging. The following are ten apps that are comparable to Whisper. These apps include MeetMe, CoVerse, Chatous, HearMe, MocoSpace, Friend Shoulder, ASKfm, Reddit, Stranger Chat, and 

Stranger Chat

Stranger Chat

With the help of its amazing features, the Stranger Chat app instantly connects individuals from all over the world. This app has a national selector feature that allows you to find people from a specific country. It enables you to establish connections with random people and converse with them regarding anything you desire. 

With the help of this, you may stay in touch with individuals you care about and may perhaps meet in the future. When users run out of things to discuss, the app offers a few mini-games and the geographical location feature to keep them entertained. 

This amazing video chat platform is a great substitute for the Whisper app because users can use it securely without revealing private data.


  • Connect with random people
  • Secure to use
  • Chat offers mini-games 



Reddit is a social network with something for everyone, such as trending topics, diverse discussions, engaging communities, and comment threads. You will find gaming communities, bloggers, meme-makers, travel enthusiasts, support groups, fandoms, news junkies, artists and creators of all types. 

When it comes to anonymity, Reddit is one of the well-likened apps. To join a chatroom or community you like, create an account. Users can connect and have an anonymous discussion on any subject. 

More than 52 million people use this app regularly. This is a perfect platform for anyone who wants a place to talk about ideas and subjects with different people. You can create your community around virtually anything with this app. 


  • Prioritizes user feedback
  • Maintains anonymity
  • Content-driven social celebrity

Talking with individuals worldwide is possible with the chat application With a fairly user-friendly UI, you can communicate secretly and privately. This makes it simple to begin conversing with a large number of people in a short amount of time. 

Building your user profile before sharing an anonymous link would be best, allowing others to contact you. One more amazing feature involves the chat mode, which will enable you to have random conversations with other users who are connected.

Chatting with people is easy if you don’t reveal who you are. Chatting with others without worrying about your appearance is fun because you may utilize any username you like. This app is a great option for people who want to talk to professionals, famous people, and experts.


  • Conceal your identity
  • Simple UI
  • Conservation with celebrities



In June 2010, the Latvian question-answer network ASKfm was established. Once registered, users can ask questions, post replies, and make photo polls by filling out their profiles. You may post anything on this platform, including dealing with trauma, struggles with identity, and whatever strange questions you are comfortable asking strangers.

You can remain anonymous when you ask and respond to inquiries from other users. 40 million people are currently using the app, which is free to download. You can only ask anything through this gateway without worrying about judgment. Additionally, it can facilitate meaningful interactions and help you establish connections with others.

You may use this software on iOS and Android smartphones. Also, users can connect their ASKfm account to their social network accounts. This enables users to post queries and responses on other social media sites by using those platforms.


  • Chat privately
  • Free social media platform 
  • Question answer network

Friend Shoulder

Friend Shoulder

The Friend Shoulder app allows you to post your issues in several categories: money, family, friends, employment, and love. You can then connect with individuals willing to listen to your problems or reach out to others who may offer sympathy.

With an application called Friend Shoulder, as its name implies, anyone may anonymously talk to strangers about whatever issue they’re having or ask for help. Anyone may speak about anything, even a horrible day or merely doubts and fears, in a secure space where other people who might be going through similar experiences can console them.

Friend Shoulder is a fantastic app to use when you want to express yourself and feel better since there are moments in actual life when you feel lonely and need someone to listen, console, or look at you. You may establish some online colleagues and ask them for helpful guidance.


  • A safe place to ask for help
  • Various categories
  • Express yourself and feel better



With the MeetMe application, you may connect with strangers locally and globally. You can locate and communicate with people who share what interests you. It is a great option if you want to date someone because it has 100 million registered users. Users can exchange images and remarks on this networking platform, a dating app. 

You may play entertaining games with strangers using the MeetMe app, which makes it special. This software makes connecting locals and people from different nations simple if you have recently moved to a new country or city. You may interact with them via text, phone, or video chat. 

A free version of MeetMe can be downloaded on Android and iOS smartphones or through the internet. It claims to have over 4.5 million active users and 190,000+ new visitors each day, with 74+ million conversations sent daily. 


  • Easy user interface 
  • Compatible with all devices
  • A free version is available



Try the CoVerse app if you need guidance. It connects you with others to provide objective legal counsel and answer your most important queries. Talk about your knowledge, express yourself, and protect your privacy. Using CoVerse’s Mixer feature, you can send unidentified messages to colleagues or participate in spontaneous user conversations.

You can provide and receive advice on CoVerse. Numerous new features are updated regularly. When someone asks a question, it is sent to specific people at specific intervals. As long as your query satisfies the Standard of Quality, the portal ensures that you will get a response immediately.

Each message you post at CoVerse is protected by encryption, and you may stay anonymous even when your friends respond to questions you pose in secret. The user who sent you a request to be a friend will not be allowed to access your profile.


  • Compatible with all devices
  • Free to use
  • Get and provide advice



With the help of the wonderful program Chatous, you may interact with millions of individuals who have hobbies comparable to your own. The main reason for this software’s success is its simplicity, especially when combined with features like photo sharing and video chat. By taking advantage of the video calls feature of the app, you can connect with hundreds of people each day. 

The Chatous app includes a great function that lets you block profile searches by allowing you to alter user names without any limits whenever you want. You can also locate people to connect with by using hashtags. 

Another interesting feature of this software is the gender filter. But you have to subscribe to get functionality. It would be wise to download the app, which offers the potential for high-quality video calling.  Despite having fewer users than Facebook’s well-liked Messenger program, its free and approachable design makes it a favorite among social networking users.


  • Free to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality video calls



With the help of the HearMe program, people may text about almost anything in real time with experienced listeners who understand what they are going through. As the name implies, its primary objectives include listening and consoling people rather than offering guidance or making judgments. 

You can find a listener and choose the category that most closely fits your needs in less than sixty seconds. Among the categories are workplace stress, discrimination, and more. Members of HearMe can connect with another support listener in less than three minutes, and the service is available around the clock.

With the HearMe app, people may connect with others who have experienced similar things to improve their emotional and mental health or scream.


  • Subscription-based service
  • Judgement-free service
  • High-quality listener support



MocoSpace enables users to call and make video conversations with any random person using the program, in addition to category, private, and public chats. Meeting new neighbors and having private conversations with this platform is easy.

Using this portal, you may select from various fascinating features and several entertaining possibilities, such as chat rooms and fun games. MocoSpace is one of the most widely used apps for meeting new people worldwide and staying in touch with locals.

Additionally, MocoSpace prioritizes entertainment. This program has a filter function that lets users look for new friends based on location, gender, age, and sexual preference.


  • Chat and play games online
  • Service for free
  • No ads 

What is Whisper?

There is no cost associated with the Android app Whisper. With the help of this enormously popular mobile app, users can anonymously communicate their ideas, private information, and confessions with an extensive audience. Whisper was founded in 2012 and gained popularity quickly by giving people a place to express themselves without worrying about being judged.

Users may write anonymous posts called Whispers with the app, simply brief text messages superimposed over images. The platform’s focus on visual narratives is among its most remarkable features. The large library of photos in this app is available for user selection.

Whisper’s anonymous feature encourages users to be more open-minded and sensitive by revealing their deepest emotions and ideas without giving away who they are. Because it offers a secure environment for expressing oneself and the chance to interact with people who might share similar experiences or viewpoints.

Type Social Networking app
Compatible withAndroid or iOS 
Purpose Post images, videos, and messages anonymously
Safe yes

Features of Whisper App

Whisper is a social media networking app with numerous appealing features. The description below discusses a few of them.

  • No identity issues
  • No friends, or profiles, exist
  • Not request email addresses
  • Users drawn without identification
  • With versions for iOS and Android
  • Users can comments on postings

How Whisper Works?

Text overlays an image, which can be located and posted within an image gallery, to create the Whisper app. Individuals can respond to posts including these photos publicly or privately via a secure conversation. Whisper offers users the impression that they may express everything they want and remain anonymous.

Is Whisper App Free?

Yes, no cost is associated with using or downloading the Whisper app. Nevertheless, other features like ad removal are available through app purchases. You can transcribe audio for free with the Tiny or Base models of Whisper Transcription.

Is Whisper App Safe?

It is safe to use and download this program. Whisper is intended to be a secure social network where people can express themselves without giving away their identities. The platform upholds its clients’ privacy by not requesting personally identifiable information. However, users are encouraged to report any improper or objectionable content so that it can be removed right away.

Is Whisper Legal?

Yes, Whisper is a legal app that satisfies all legal standards and fosters a culture of excellent safety. Despite the Whisper app’s claims to be anonymous, users who break the law can be found using the app. It’s also critical to understand that Whisper gathers and employs user data, including location data, even though it claims to provide anonymity.


It’s critical to understand how whispers influence the quality of conversations in the age of technology when communication is easier than ever.

As anonymous sharing has grown in popularity, users looking for places to express themselves completely and anonymously have many options thanks to these 10 Whisper alternatives. Every app offers a unique experience, ranging from secret group conversations and location-based interactions to private messages and confessions.  

These applications provide something for every individual, whether you’re searching for a way to interact with like-minded people, a platform for expressing yourself, or a sense of community. To improve your anonymous networking experience, enjoy the power of secrecy and check out these top Whisper substitutes.

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