Apps similar to Dave: 10 Ultimate Advance Cash Platforms

There are great options if you are looking for apps similar to Dave that offer great cash advances. In this blog post, the top 10 apps are explained. Each is described in detail with special features, and to help you learn more, links to the official website Android and iOS apps are also included in this article.

This platform provides you with the Dave app, membership information, and safety details for your convenience.

10 Similar Apps to Dave

Dave is among the most used cash advance applications. Ten similar apps offer advantages such as rapid access to funds and interest-free loans. These apps are Earnin Chime, Varo, Empower, Albert, Axos, Earnin, Payactiv, MoneyLion, DailyPay, Brigit, etc. 



Due to its affordable costs, user-friendly checking account, and fascinating bank-like features, Chime is one of the most popular banking apps in the US, especially among young, tech-savvy consumers. Several drawbacks are specific to this app, like the $2.5 cost of any withdrawal from an ATM made outside the network and fees for certain financial deposits.

The inability to conduct wire transfers and make foreign SWIFT payments with it. This platform might not always be the best option if you want more advanced banking features, cash-back incentives, or higher interest rates.

With its simplified account opening, debit card application process, and transparency regarding fees. Consumers’ views on banking are being transformed by the financial technology firm Chime App, which offers all the terms and conditions without typical bank fees.


  • Free overdraft 
  • ATM accessibility
  • Automatic savings 
  • Video conferencing



Varo is one of the many cash-advance apps available to help you get immediate money when needed. The cheapest option to borrow $100 is through the app’s Advanced feature, and its Bank accounts have no minimum balance requirements or monthly fees.

Varo provides bank accounts with all the features you could ever want, but the account cannot be overdrawn. You could get a $250 fast cash advance with the Varo app. As with most money-borrowing apps, you must save up to this amount.

You can get a free-of-charge $20 cash advance as a new user. However, some requirements must be met, such as waiting till your account is at least 30 days older and receiving at least $500 in a direct deposit within the previous month.


  • No monthly fee
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Early payment access



Empower offers free-of-interest cash advances of up to $250 without requiring credit verification or other costs. If you wish to open a debit card, money is moved to it; otherwise, it is deposited into the bank account. Credit lines have a $250 starting point and can go up to $1000. Equifax and Experian are notified of payments; no minimum credit score is needed.

Empower provides a complimentary 14-day trial; users must pay a $8 monthly subscription to continue using the app. Some features of this app include savings that can be used to pay for cash advances and money transfers that can be automated.

Empower is a reliable source for cash advances. Despite the app’s high costs, each one is optional. The fast-funding cost is significant compared to the loan amount, but since advances are given out within a day — quicker than with most other applications — consumers might not be required to pay it.


  • Effortlessly budgeting
  • Advances funded in one day
  • Automatic savings



With the Albert app, you can save and invest money more conveniently in one location, improving your overall money management. This software offers options for budgeting, investing, saving, etc. It offers many features, including real-time alerts, budgeting tools, and a useful service to ask knowledgeable financial questions and receive accurate, situation-specific responses.

The software aims to help everyone manage their finances more simply and efficiently. Albert streamlines financial management, eliminating the need for formal phone meetings with a financial advisor or in-person trips to bank branches.

It costs nothing to sign up, and there are no additional costs. You can sign up for their monthly subscription plan if you want access to other services like expert financial guidance.


  • User-friendly banking service
  • Smart savings 
  • Early paycheck access



Many Axos Bank mobile app features ensure customers always take the appropriate security precautions. The app provides a sophisticated mobile and online banking experience. The mobile app has many easy-to-use functions, such as paying bills and depositing checks, connecting all your accounts to obtain an extensive financial picture, and evaluating your spending habits.

Axos Bank is an online financial platform that provides various checking accounts, CDs, money market accounts, and high-yield savings accounts.

You can reach a customer support agent by calling Axos around the clock. Additionally, you can communicate online with Evo, the automated agent, which will connect you to a real agent if it cannot resolve your issue.


  • Debit card management
  • No monthly balance requirement
  • Easy to use



Earnin is an established application that offers cash advances up to $750, making it one of the best without-interest cash advances. It is available in the US market for cash advance requests. Many people who are limited to cash between paychecks find this program appealing.

Users find it appealing because there are no hidden costs or subscription requirements. It is not a bank and does not provide personal loans; rather, it gives workers access to their funds, which they can pay off with their next paycheck.

You can download and utilize the Earnin app for free; no interest fees are associated with the cash you withdraw. This app might suit you if you need quick access to several hundred dollars due to an unexpected financial emergency. Apps that provide payday advances might not be a wise long-term solution.


  • A fast funding schedule
  • does not require interest
  • No mandatory costs



With Payactiv, users may access, invest, and manage their money more conveniently than with other digital wallets. They are also the ones who invented Earned Wage Access. All users can create a PayActiv account for no cost, and it comes with a ton of free features like bill pay, budgeting, financial counseling, discounts, and saving tools.

It is intended to assist you in accessing your earned income before your next pay period. This app requires a subscription from your employer. If your company registers with Payactiv, you will be able to receive some of your earnings as soon as they are earned.

It tracks your hours worked and your available income. You can withdraw cash or transfer the available amounts to your card or bank account.


  • Reporting of attendance 
  • Administrative benefits for employees
  • Integration with third parties



Financial advisory services, loans, and investing services are provided to customers by MoneyLion, a private fintech company. It was founded in 2013 with 70% of American consumers as its target market, most of whom are low-income. The corporation wants to show off its credit while maximizing the client’s savings and financial management.

The company generates revenue through its website lending business, monthly membership service, and consumer lead generation. When using MoneyLion, users first sign up as visitors. They can choose to utilize the platform for free or purchase its premium consumer services, which include loan applications and costly memberships.

Partnership agreements between MoneyLion and companies like NASCAR also exist. Because of the connection with NASCAR, customers who bought tickets and merchandise at their racetrack were eligible for cash back.


  • Credit monitoring
  • Perfect online banking
  • Manage your money with ease



DailyPay is a 2015-founded American financial services startup that offers payroll services, including access to earned wages. Users can pay up to $3.49 to obtain 100% of their earnings, including unpaid money. Routine monitoring is necessary because this expense has been compared to traditional payday loans.

As a pioneer in earned wage accessibility and on-demand payment, DailyPay is changing the lives of its employees. DailyPay’s cutting-edge compensation strategy can significantly impact both you and your staff.

Businesses are expanding employees more quickly, improving retention of workers, and enhancing output as staff members are more confident in their financial management. You can receive your entire earned pay in advance of payday by using the reloadable DailyPay card. It processes information quickly.


  • No pre-existing bank account needed
  • Quick processing time
  • Up to 100% of your pay



Brigit doesn’t need a credit check for the cash advance application and has a maximum advance amount of $250. The New York-based startup claims that since its 2019 beginning, it has saved more than 4 million users from paying $750 in fees.

Compared to other applications of a similar nature, Brigit has a significantly smaller maximum cash advance, which makes it ideal for users who need a quick little loan. The program boosts you and gradually improves your account balance with regular, on-time repayments.

A monthly subscription fee (from $9.99 to $14.99) is necessary to take advantage of cash advances. You can find ways to make extra money, stay on top of coming bills, and gain knowledge of general trends in spending and income using Brigit.


  • Budgeting tools and resources
  • Payment extensions
  • Overdraft protection

What is Dave?

Dave is an online service that concentrates on cash advances. Rather than overdraft fees, it is funded by tips and subscription costs. Long-term loans are its primary offering. The business only charges for expedited services rather than interest, origination, or other similar expenses. The service costs monthly, and users can “tip” the business.

The National Consumer Law Center’s Lauren Saunders expressed concern that some customers would feel pressured to tip, making the experience not all that dissimilar from paying interest. Through a collaboration with Evolve Bank & Trust, Dave introduced a banking service in 2019. It offers an app called SideHustle that helps people locate side jobs.

As stated by the firm, Dave was created in 2017 to “level the financial playing field.” It does not impose overdraft fees or require a minimum account balance. In addition, members gain early access to cash through a direct transfer, an automated budgeting tool, and an employment search function called “Side Hustle.”

Name Dave 
Type App
Registration Required
Users 10 million 
Purpose Financial services

What is Dave App?

One of the most well-known financial apps, Dave gained popularity by removing overdraft fees from its users’ accounts. It’s renowned for being among the top applications for fee-free cash advances. A banking app to create goods that equalize the playing field in the financial sector.

The Dave personal finance app’s ExtraCashTM function allows users to borrow up to $500 for a brief period. Users can leave an optional tip, but they aren’t forced to. Additionally, it offers a banking service with no minimum balance requirements and no overdraft fees. There are 32,000 ATM locations where users can get free withdrawals.

Features of Dave

Dave has many features, some listed in the description below.

Credit Establishment

To assist you in raising your credit score, Dave collaborates with LevelCredit to submit utility and rent payments to credit agencies. For subscribers who set up direct payments, this service is unlimited.

Early Direct Deposit

Payment policies at your workplace may allow you to receive your payment up to two days earlier.


Using the app, you may see “Yours to spend” projections, input spending, and your financial plan. If a bill threatens to exceed the budget for the month, Dave can text you.

Cash Advances

Dave members who meet certain requirements can apply for advances in cash of up to $250. When you seek an advance, you choose the automatic repayment date—the next payday. Dave does not impose charges on advances or demand a credit check.

Is Dave App Free?

Dave pays a $1 membership cost each month. Your Dave membership automatically renews each month on the day you first joined. Go to settings, scroll down, and select subscription to manage your subscription. Removing the app won’t cancel your account or terminate your subscription.

Is Dave App Safe?

Millions of users utilize the Dave app, which a reputable public corporation provides. Your money is just as safe with Dave as with any other U.S. bank because an FDIC-insured, regulated partner bank provides banking products.


Applications that provide interest-free cash advances are undoubtedly helpful. However, users should try to limit their use of applications such as Dave to cash advances for emergencies. Regular use of cash advance facilities can negatively affect one’s finances, including accumulating high interest rates if improperly managed and possible fees.

There is an app for everything, including setting your payback date, making installments, and seeing your paycheck before payday. Dave is a great choice because it has few requirements and a low membership price.

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